Sunday, 20 June 2010

We have a winning bidder...

Well, that didn't go too badly for a first attempt! The Flower Post earrings were a clear favourite, the winning bidder being the lovely Tracy from DK Crystal Designs on Folksy. Tracey sells some really unique things in her shop, my favourite being her little wood and button bag charms:

The other 3 pieces up for bidding... well, they were clearly not so popular, receiving a total of 0 bids! I shall attempt to turn them into something far more stunning by the end of the week. Or I might just melt them down, it really depends on my mood...

I'll post up another showcase later on tonight, this time there'll be some necklaces too.

Happy Fathers' Day!

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant news - Thank you for letting me know on my winning bid, I love the earrings, can't wait to receive them. I love your designs & fabulous quality. Thank you for the mention of my shop & your nice comment as well :-)
    Tracy @DKCrystalDesigns